The DZL encompasses 29 partner institutions which collaborate interactively and interdisciplinary in research on the causes of lung diseases and improvement of diagnostics and therapy.

The  DZL is composed of five DZL partner sites which are associations themselves that have been selected prior to the foundation of the DZL by an international evaluation committee.

  • Airway Research Center North (ARCN)
  • Biomedical Research in Endstage and Obstructive Lung Diseases Hannover (BREATH)
  • Universities of Giessen & Marburg Lung Center (UGMLC)
  • Translational Lung Research Center Heidelberg (TLRC) und
  • Comprehensive Pneumology Center Munich (CPC-M)

A detailed list of all members including associated partners of the DZL sites are given on the portrait pages (see links above).

Overall DZL associated partners (not related to a certain DZL site) are:

  • German National Cohort
  • PROGNOSIS (PROspective German NOn-CF-BronchiectaSIS Registry
  • PROGRESS (Pneumonia Research network On Genetic REsistance and Susceptibility for the evolution of severe Sepsis)
  • Robert Koch Institute