Platform Biobanking

Biobanks are necessary for the standardized collection and storage of biological materials like blood or tissues. Biobanks provide these materials for researchers in order to improve understanding of triggers and the course of a disease. In turn they might pave the way for the development of new diagnostical or therapeutical tools. Researchers in the DZL do this – for example – by comparing features of tissues of healthy and diseased subjects with state of the art analysis techniques (deep phenotyping). Especially in conjunction with qualitatively good clinical data, biomaterials are of great value. Therefore, data management is one focus of the DZL.

Focus in ARCN:

ARCN founded the BioMaterialBank Nord (BMB Nord) to cover all the aforementioned aspects in a collaborative and coordinated fashion. The headquarter of the BMB Nord is located at the Research Center Borstel. Ethical issues are discussed with the Ethic’s Commission of the University of Lübeck and with the Independent Agency for Data Safety of Schleswig-Holstein. More information is available on the BMB Nord webpage (in German).