Hosted by ARCN: 4th DZL Annual Meeting in Hamburg

Plenary talk by Erika von Mutius (CPC-M) at the 4th DZL Annual Meeting. Image: J. Passarger/FZB

More than 400 scientists and clinicians convened in January for the DZL Annual Meeting in Hamburg in order to discuss running projects and the further development. The fourth edition of the Annual Meeting was hosted by ARCN for the first time and took place at the historic Hotel Atlantic at the Alster Lake. DZL scientists gave plenary talks on research highlights of all Disease Areas in focus of the DZL. The members of the International Advisory Board were assured of the progress of the center.

A new of feature this year was the Best Abstract competition prior to the Meeting. Based on poster abstracts one young scientist of each Disease Area was selected to present his/her results in a plenary talk. Moreover, the participants discussed at more than 200 poster walls.

Regarding the end of the first funding period and the upcoming evaluation the second day was focused on working group discussions of current projects and the program for the next funding period. For the first time, participants of the DZL Mentoring Program “Careers in Respiratory Medicine” came together during this Annual Meeting.

The Fifth Annual Meeting will take place in 2016 in Hannover (DZL Site BREATH).



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