SYNERGIE #10 published, titled ‘blood’

Front cover of the 10th SYNERGIE issue

The new issue of the DZG magazine SYNERGIE is out! The topic of the tenth issue is blood.

“Researchers at the German Centers for Health Research (DZG) are working on our blood in numerous projects. The lifeblood still holds many secrets – and developments in science and technology have opened up new possibilities to better understand, detect and treat diseases.” That’s how the cover story reports it, and that’s how it is.

Current results of DZG research can be found in the autumn issue of the biannual SYNERGIE. The DZL article deals with ECMO as well as the search for an implantable lung. On the special pages, the new German Center for Mental Health (DZPG) introduces itself. We also explain what stands behind the DZG Innovation Fund. The editorial is contributed by the current spokesperson of the DZG, Prof. Martin Hrabĕ de Angelis.

SYNERGIE is aimed at lay people interested in science and medicine.

How can you read SYNERGIE?

You can read the articles of the new SYNERGIE in German individually on the website or in the e-reader. For the haptic experience, you can subscribe to the print edition here. You can download the pdf directly from the ARCN website.



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