Wissenschaftsrat points out good work of German Centers for Health Research

The German Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities) evaluated the funding concept of the DZG’s, the German Centers for Health Research – one of them is the DZL –, on behalf of the German Ministry for Education and Research. It arrives at the conclusion that the DZG‘s „created important conditions for better and faster translational research”. Already now the DZG’s are a “valuable surplus” for the German research landscape.

The Wissenschaftsrat proposes to keep up the DZG’s and convert them into an institutional and permanent research structure. Moreover, the paper entitled “Recommendations for the advancement of the German Centers for Health Research” proposes how the research concept may be improved.

The joint statement of the DZG’s can be found on the DZL homepage [in German].

The press release and the complete report („Empfehlungen zur Weiterentwicklung der Deutschen Zentren für Gesundheitsforschung“) of the Wissenschaftsrat can be found on the Wissenschaftsrat homepage [in German].



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