Impressive track record: Research concept of DZL evaluated

The report for the internal evaluation in 2022

International experts of Scientific Advisory Board attest: DZL has an impressive track record and established itself as one of the leading networks in lung research. The program planned for the years 2024-27 is suitable for tackling the most pressing issues in lung research using the appropriate methods. The evaluation report has been delivered this week by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Over the past year, DZL scientists, physicians, site coordinators and the DZL office had developed the concept for the fourth DZL funding period starting in 2024. It builds on the results obtained since its foundation in 2011 and integrates new developments in lung research. Four overarching working groups (Disease-spanning working groups) will be created to once again network the eight Disease Areas. They deal with the topics “Lung-envoriment interaction”, “Microbiome/Metagenome”, “Single-cell sequencing” and “Artificial intelligence & digital tools”. The program also includes the two Platforms Biobanking and Imaging as well as the DZL Academy. The 160-page concept also presents the successes achieved to date, such as the 1,400 publications in high-ranking journals, 50 patents and more than 3,000 clinical studies in which DZL researchers have participated. During a web conference on November 8, 2022, the heads of the research areas presented successes and future concepts to the Scientific Advisory Board.

Scientific Advisory Board presents report

The report of the Scientific Advisory Board is now available: It concludes that the DZL has an “impressive track record” and is one of the “leading international programs in lung research.” The presented research concept is suitable to further strengthen this position. The Scientific Advisory Board calls on the federal and state governments to create a long-term, institutionalized structure for the DZL with flexible allocation of funds. This is the only way to sustain the creative spirit of the DZL and its contribution to the welfare of society.

Most recently, the DZL was evaluated in 2020. The next evaluation is planned for 2026. At that time, the DZL will be reviewed by an external body.



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