Lars Lunding awarded with Best Poster Prize at DGP Congress 2015

Cross-section of an inflammed airway in experimental asthma showing mucus detected by PAS staining (magenta). Image: L. Lunding/FZB

Dr. Lars Lunding was awarded with the prize for the best poster at the 56th Congress of the German Respiratory Society (DGP) in Berlin. The final competition between the authors of the four best abstracts was held in three minute short talks in the session “Best of Pneumology”. Lunding convinced the jury with his presentation and was awarded with the 1st prize and 2000 Euro.

Already last year Lunding received awards at the DGP Congress. Back then he received prizes for his PhD thesis and also for a poster.

Lars Lunding is scientist at Research Center Borstel (DZL Site ARCN) in the group of Dr. Michael Wegmann (“Mouse Models of Asthma”). His work is focused on the influence of different mediators on the development of allergic asthma. The results from his presentation entitled „IL-37 requires IL18Rα and SIGIRR to ameliorate experimental allergic asthma in mice“ were generated in collaboration with clinical partners from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (DZL site CPC-M). The group was able to show that immune cells in the blood of asthmatic children discharge less IL-37 compared to cells from healthy donors. The translation to an animal model revealed that symptoms can be ameliorated significantly by intranasal application of a spray containing IL-37. This effect was abolished when knockout animals were treated in which the receptors IL-18Rα and SIGIRR were missing. Therefore, these receptors must be crucial for the mechanism of action of IL-37. These results give the first hint at all on the actual receptor of this new cytokine.

Results have been published online in Allergy.

Further information: Lunding L, Webering S, Vock C, Schröder A, Raedler D, Schaub B, Fehrenbach H, Wegmann M (2015) IL-37 requires IL-18Rα and SIGIRR/IL-18R to diminish allergic airway inflammation in mice. Allergy, 2015, Jan 3. (doi: 10.1111/all.12566)

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