Martin Reck is highly cited

The TOP 8 most cited scientists

Prof. Martin Reck, head of oncology at the LungenClinic Grosshansdorf, is ranked number 1 in the latest publication analysis of the Laborjournal magazine for the field of lung and respiratory research. During 2011-20, other researchers cited his work nearly 38,000 times.

Laborjournal regularly examines how frequently the work of researchers in different disciplines is cited. It concentrates on researchers from German-speaking countries. The Laborjournal selects the “most cited heads” as well as the most cited original or review articles. In the current evaluation, DZL and ARCN scientist Martin Reck takes first place. Three of his original papers also occupy positions 2-4 of the most cited original papers. The high number of citations is due to the great success of and interest in immunotherapies for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Martin Reck was particularly involved in the clinical trials of nivolumab and pembrolizumab.

Source: Laborjournal November 2022 [in German]


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