SYNERGIE magazine #11 on the topic “Exposome” published

Cover page of SYNERGIE #11

The new issue of the DZG magazine SYNERGIE has been published! This year’s first issue focuses on external influences on the body.

Even though the term “exposome” has not been established for very long, influences from the human environment have become a central subject of research. In this context, scientists are investigating how one-off or long-term exposures influence regulatory cycles in the body. These influences are recorded in epigenetic markers, which can change gene expression in the long term. 

“We already know for certain that the exposome has an influence on all diseases that the German Centres for Health Research are working on.” This is the introduction to the cover story of the new SYNERGIE and outlines the role of the DZG. This point is also taken up by the Chairman of the German Wissenschaftsrat (Council of Science and Humanities), Prof. Wolfgang Wick, who contributes the editorial to this issue. 

DZL article on breath analysis

SYNERGY presents the latest results of DZG research in a vivid way for laypersons interested in science and medicine. This time, a special focus is on translational projects. The DZL article [in German language] deals with the possibilities of measuring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled air, and the question of whether diseases or specific phenotypes can be diagnosed using them. Dr. Nicole Maison (CPC-M) and Dr. Olaf Holz (BREATH) present results from the ALLIANCE asthma registry. Moreover, we portrayed Dr. Carola Voss from Munich as promising early career scientist. 

How can you read SYNERGIE?

You can read the articles of the new SYNERGIE individually on the website or in the e-reader. For the haptic experience, you can subscribe to the print edition here. SYNERGY is published in German language only.


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