Thomas Bahmer awarded with Sarcoidosis Research Prize

Dr. Thomas Bahmer (Photo: DGP/Mike Auerbach)

The Sarkoidose-Netzwerk (‚Sarcoidosis Network’) awarded Dr. Thomas Bahmer with this year‘s Sarcoidosis Research Prize. The ceremony took place at the 59th Annual Congress of the German Respiratory Society in Dresden.

Thomas Bahmer received the Research Prize for his clinical research on „Physical Activity and Fatigue in Patients with Sarcoidosis“. The project was a collaboration of the ARCN partners LungenClinic Grosshansdorf and the Pulmonary Research Institute together with Lungenpraxis im Alstertal. It was published recently in the journal Respiration. Main topic of the publication is the correlation of physical activity and fatigue in sarcoidosis patients. If patients experience fatigue, they often have a high subjective feeling of malaise. It is known from earlier studies on other lung diseases that this often leads to reduced physical activity. To the surprise of the authors of the study, this isn’t the case in sarcoidosis. “Obviously, mild forms of fatigue don’t preclude sarcoidosis patients from being physically active”, says Thomas Bahmer. This also means that the clinical significance of physical activity isn’t the same in different lung diseases.

The Sarkoidose-Netzwerk is a non-profit patients’ organization. It supports patients suffering from sarcoidosis by disseminating information. Moreover, it aims at creating a higher public awareness for the disease. The Research Prize (2.000 €) is meant for fostering sarcoidosis research.


Further information:

Bahmer T, Watz H, Develaska M, Waschki B, Rabe KF, Magnussen H, Kirsten D, Kirsten AM (2018) Physical Activity and Fatigue in Patients with Sarcoidosis. Respiration 95: 18-26

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