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On this page we provide further information on public activities of ARCN an DZL.

Scientific publications of our researchers are listed under research/publications.


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Information flyer DZL

Success stories - 5 years DZL


DZL Information Pages in the German journal Pneumologie

Pneumologie is the official organ of the DZL. The DZL publishes news approximately twice a year in Pneumologie in the section "Mitteilungen des Deutschen Zentrums für Lungenforschung"(in German). All editions can be downloaded here (in German):

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten Juni 2020

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten November 2019

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten April 2019

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten November 2017

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten Dezember 2016

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten Mai 2016

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten November 2015

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten April 2015

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten November 2014

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten Juli 2014

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten März 2014

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten September 2013

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten April 2013

DZL-Mitteilungsseiten September 2012


DZL Annual Reports










DZG Magazine

No. 1 - March 2019 on Translation (in German)

No. 2 - September 2019 on Prevention (in German)

No. 3 - May 2020 on Early Detection (in German)


BMBF Newsletter "Health Research"

Edition 79 (August 2016) with DZL report on physical activity and sports in COPD (in German)

Edition 82 (February 2017) with DZL report on progress in the battle against cystic fibrosis (in German)


Print Media

Supplement of Die Zeit - online edition (September 2017) (in German)

Special supplement by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on "Lung healthiness" (December 2015) (in German)

Article in Pneumologie on the structure of the DZL (August 2012) (in German)

Article in the Yearbook 2011/12 "Gesundheitsland Schleswig-Holstein" (in German)



The German Center for Lung Research - Our Mission

Video on structure and areas of the DZL (March 2012)(in German)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Rabe on goals in the area of astma & allergy. Lecture at the event "100 days DZL" (March 2012)(in German)